Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use us?

We have four different carriers that we provide which allows us to give you the best option and most economical choice for your shipping needs. We also can ship freight with several different freight carriers.

  • Can I bring my Amazon Returns to you?

Yes! But please note we can not scan the QR code. Follow these directions to make sure you complete it correctly.

  • Can I bring my Direct TV/ Spectrum/ and/or AT&T equipment to drop off?

All of these providers are going to tell you to go to The UPS Store, which we are NOT, so we must have a pre-paid label to drop off your equipment here. For example if they provide you with any of the following call and request a pre-paid label:

*They MUST provide you with one because you are over an hour away from the nearest UPS Store*.


  • Do you accept Happy Returns?

Sadly, no. We are unable to scan any sort of QR code. We are privately owned and only franchised companies are able to offer these services. Your options are to either take it to the Green Bay to a Happy Return location or contact the company you are returning to and ask for a pre-paid drop off label.

    • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! We also are able ship overseas through a few different carriers. Shipping internationally is very expensive so please be aware to pack your items as compact as possible. Also be sure to have an itemized list of the items in your shipment for the customs form.

  • What is the largest size you can ship through ground services? (i.e. FedEx or UPS)

Any item up to 165 inches length and girth (total dimensions add up to 165 inches) and 150 lbs can be shipped.

  • What if I have something larger than can ship ground?

We also offer freight services through multiple different carriers that we can match best for your needs.

  • Do you have boxes?

We have over 100 different box sizes which we can customize and tailor to the item(s) you have.

  • What if there is not a box big enough for what I have?

If the item you have is too big for a box we are also capable of crating. We hand build crates to ship too.

  • What if I use eBay or Craigslist to sell various items?

We can give you a quote on shipping if you provide the dimensions, weight, and zip code.

  • Can I ship wine or alcohol?

No, unfortunately we can not. If you are up visiting Door County and want to ship the wine you are purchasing try to talk directly to the winery you are purchasing through.

  • Can I pack my frozen goods in dry ice to ship them?

No, dry ice is considered a hazardous good and is incapable of shipping.